At MARANT we have only two ambitions that motivate everything we do.

To hear every employee say they are proud to be a member of the MARANT team… that every customer will say they are proud to be a client of MARANT.

MARANT Construction Limited is a leader in the commercial interior construction industry. Our ambitions – lofty though they may be – are what we believe make a great and sustainable company and are the essence of our culture.

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Customer Care Service Team

Customer Care Service Team logo

Our Customer Care Service Team will work with you on an as-needed basis or under a Master Services Agreement or, we work with you to create a comprehensive facility maintenance program customized to your needs. This way, we can provide, efficient, cost-efficient services that will meet all your facility needs.
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Jennifer Vopni

Women in Construction Week

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Fabiana Stubrich.

Fabiana Stubrich has joined the MARANT Family as Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

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