“PINBALL” CLEMONS in the locker room with Team MARANT

On April 24, 2015, Team MARANT held a special lunchtime event to hear the one and only, Michael “Pinball” Clemons passionately talk about the power of the team! According to Pinball, the SWEET SPOT is working together – supporting and respecting each other in all our various roles within the company. When everyone pulls together – just like all successful sports teams – you can score the big wins. He emphasized that by having “each-others back” is a demonstration to the outside world of what really matters to your team – partnership. He said that all professional teams, and companies for that matter, have this same supportive, respectful culture and that is what makes them great.

Pinball is a wonderful, motivational speaker and for an hour and a half delighted our team with wonderful stories from his own life and career that related to his key assertion. He told us, with absolute resolve, why overcoming any adversity or building and maintaining a great team is always a group effort. No one person is responsible, ever.

Pinball’s closing comment was direct and poignant. He told us that what is most important, what we should always be focused on is character. That individuals who live and work, with other people, with respect and compassion are the real winners. And a company full of “character” is destined for a bright future.

A wonderful time was had by all – including the guys he made drop to the floor to do push ups!