Women in Construction Week

Jennifer Vopni

MARANT is proud to celebrate Canadian women who have achieved great things in the construction trades and adjacent businesses. As part of this year's celebration, we would like to spotlight our Vice President of Marketing and Business Development and member of the Executive Team, Jennifer Vopni. Jennifer has been a pioneer in the industry and is a remarkable business leader. She has 35 years in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, fourteen of them as Principal, V.P. Business Development & Marketing for MARANT Construction Limited. Throughout her career she has been a mentor and an inspiration to other women in the industry.

We had the opportunity to speak to Jennifer and asked her to share her best advice for other women planning to enter the field. 

These were her remarks:

"Be fearless, and always act from the perspective of serving others to remain authentic.
Add a healthy dose of humour to everything, it clears the air for progress.
And remember that there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
Diversity is important in the industry and your voice needs to be heard.”

Celebrating the Growing Role of Women in Construction