Safety First Focus

We are committed to safety and we expect all employees and sub-contractors to share our commitment for a safe and healthy working environment.  We retain a safety consultant - SafeCom Workplace Systems Limited – to monitor all our sites and provide ongoing training to our team.  They ensure we follow strict policies and procedures and, as a result, we have achieved the highest standards of site safety in the industry, achieving recognition awards for maintaining a “0” Accident Rating from the Ontario General Contractors Association.

Resource Management Software – CMiC & Technology

We are successfully managing our projects using a cloud-based construction administration software solution called CMiC.  It has allowed us to fully integrate all our company departments and their functions related to the construction project cycle within one highly efficient data-management system, and this also includes our site management team.  By utilizing the advantages of this program, and other collaboration technology, our entire team and other project partners have direct access to their project information from any geographical location.

Dedicated Close-Out Team

MARANT is the first company in the industry to guarantee a 35-Day close-out period as a result of our dedicated close-out team.

Vendor Management Program

The key to MARANT’s ability to provide consistent quality and service is our sub-trades.  We pre-qualify all our trades and monitor their performance on site.  We work with trades that have a proven track record and the resources to deliver projects on time, with a quality result and no deficiencies.  We treat our sub-trade partners with respect, maintain organized and spotless construction sites and, most importantly, we pay them on time.  Our clients benefit because we are able to bring the best, and most competitively priced sub-trades to their project as a result of our program.