General Contracting

Although a more traditional approach to the construction process, general construction tendering (a low-bid or stipulated sum system) remains an effective method when combined with a healthy schedule, no complexities and tight construction documents.

Because this approach can become adversarial (particularly between the owner, consultants and contractor). MARANT's approach is to carefully review tender documents when they are received and prepare a list of clarifications for the prime consultant to address. This ensures that our pricing is as complete as possible and helps to avoid future cost issues. In addition, it is our preference to issue drawings to sub-trades that are known to us for quality workmanship and responsiveness.

Clients can be assured that MARANT's stipulated bid price will be competitive, but also qualified. Following the contract award, MARANT will mobilize our team, award sub-contracts and assume full responsibility of the construction site until the space is completed and turned over to the client.